Fanfiction Ratings and Tags Guide

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Fanfiction Ratings and Tags Guide

Post by Satanael on Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:43 pm

Tags and Format

Along with this forum being a sort of database for RPG Studios, we're opening certain parts of the forum for people to post their stories. So, we expect you to at least follow this steps below.

With each story, there has to be a little section at the top that includes the title, author, rating, genre, and tags. That being said, it should look a little something like this:
[Insert Title]

[Story Here]

You don't necessarily have to put any tags but it'd be nice to have some. As for the rest of the information in that little space, you will need to provide. For any reason that you don't, we will try to fill it in for you.


[G] General - Suitable for everyone, which means, no curse words, sexual content, etc. Basically, anything you don't want children to read.
[T] Teens - 13+, which means, minor curse words (like, one or two), mild sexual content, mild violence, etc.
[M] Mature - Anything goes, except the ultra-high-level inappropriate crap, that'll be saved for the [E] rating.
[E] Explicit - Graphic violence, a lot of inappropriate things. I'm trusting you guys won't click on stories with this rating unless you're absolutely sure.


Tags. What are tags? What do they do? What do they mean? Tags are simply certain themes that you want to point out that are in the story and serves as a heads up to people. To put in simpler terms, tags are for people who get easily triggered (not really). An example of tags would be like 'Alternate Universe - [fill in the blank]'.

Tags can be used to inform the reader of which characters are in the story or what pairing is being featured. For those who still don't understand, here is an example:

For a list of references for tags, it'll be in another post in the same category.


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