List of Tags for Reference

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List of Tags for Reference

Post by Satanael on Tue Sep 20, 2016 7:50 pm

*Taken from,*
For reference, here is a list of some tags from A-Z: (excluding those sexually themed ones of course, unless you're writing a very explicit fanfiction, you don't need to know those tags.)


Action/Adventure - That type of plot with all the physicality
Amnesia - Story where the character (or characters) have lost their memory
Angst - Story where the character(s) are in physical or emotional pain (usually anxiety, fear or sadness). This tag may also be used if the story is designed to make the reader cry their eyes out and feel sad.
Alternate Universe (AU)- Story in which the major plot setting or the situation the characters are in is changed. Ex. Modern AU, High School AU, Doctors AU


Backstory- Story that explores a character's background or can reference a character's background.


Canon- The original material. Ex. PJO Plot, Percabeth is canon, etc.
Character Death- Story contains the death of a character (or characters), please tag if the character is minor or major.
Crack- Stories that are completely weird or insane and may or may not have a point.
Crossover- A story where there is more than one fandom that makes an appearance. Ex. Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles crossover.
Crosspost- A story that has been posted across mediums. Ex. Posted on both and


Death- Story with the death of a character, this tag and Character Death can be used interchangeably.
Drabble- Stories with a range of 100 to 500 words total.


Established Relationship (ER)- This refers to characters in a story who is already in a relationship. Ex. [Percy Jackson/Annabeth], Established Relationship


Female/Female (f/f)- Tag for stories that refer to a relationship between two women. Can be referred to as femslash.
Fanon- Refers to a plot that didn't happen in the original story but fans just filled in the blanks.
Feels- Stories with intense emotion that may cause the reader to feel those emotions established in the story.
Fix-It- A type of story where a writer tries to correct what they felt the original story did incorrectly or shouldn't have done. Ex.
When J.Roth killed off Lexa in The 100 CW Show
Fluff- Stories with absolutely no negative emotions. Basically, it's a feel-good story with all those positive emotions.


Genderswap- The characters of the original material has their genderswapped. Ex. Original Source Material: Percy Jackson (Male), Fanfiction: Priscilla Jackson (Female)


Hurt/Comfort (H/C)- Basically, it's a story where one character has a bunch of angst and another character comforts them.
Hiatus- When a story is on break for maybe a specified or unspecified amount of time.
Humor- Story with amusing situations or moments in them




Male/Female (m/f)- Story with a male and female character that's in a relationship
Male/Male (m/m)- Story with a two male characters in a relationship.
Mary-Sue (or any other variation)- An original character that is deemed "perfect". Meaning, the character is often beautiful, intelligent, powerful and everyone loves them. Usually, they are that way because they had something tragic happened to them and then somehow they became powerful and all that jazz.


NSFW- Basically, anything that you can't read in public in fear someone will think you're a freak. Ex. Fifty Shades of Grey


Out of Character (OOC)- When the canon character isn't acting according to the character's personality established in the book or tv series, etc. Whether this is done intentionally or unintentionally, this tag must be used.
Original Character (OC)- An original character that the author creates and inserts into the fandom. Ex. All the characters used for role playing.
Original Female Character (OFC)- Basically an original character that's female.
Original Male Character (OMC)- Basically an original character that's male.
Oneshot- Story that can be read and understood fully without having to read another story. Like the tag suggests, this story consists of only one chapter.
One True Pairing (OTP)- The author's preferred relationship pairing. Ex. BLIZZAAAAARD


Pairing- Refers to two characters being in a relationship. Ex. Blizzard
Pre-Series- Plot that takes place before the canon timeline starts.



Self-Insert- Story where an original character is inserted and represents the author.
Slow Burn- Story featuring characters who over time fall in love and then begins a relationship


To Be Continued (TBC)- Story that will be continued at a later date or in another post
Trigger Warning (TW)- Pretty self-explanatory considering how the Internet and the world is today.


Underage- Story featuring characters under the age of 18
Universe- "General environment in which an author's story exists."



Work In Progress (WIP)- Story or series that is still being worked on.


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