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Magic School RP - [World of Corvus] - History

Post by Satanael on Wed Sep 21, 2016 9:35 pm

The World of Corvus

The world of Corvus is a particularly dangerous one. A world filled with magic and dangers that lurk in the inhabitable areas of The Continent. Magic didn't already exist when humans start to inhabit The Continent. Nay, magic came much later when The Great Collide changed the fate of this world and the next. To truly understand how the current nations and governments work, you have to go back to the very beginning.

Origin of Magic

At the point when the magic that exists in the modern nations of The Continent began to appear, humans have lived and inhabited every square mile of The Continent and had started settlements. However, unbeknownst to the humans of Corvus, there were other worlds that exist within the same universe. One of these worlds resembles Corvus in every shape and form, except for one. Magic.

The world is filled with mystical creatures and terrifying monsters that plague the forests of the countryside. Of course, there were humans there too. Humans with a penchant for manipulating the strings that bind the universe. They call these strings, magic and the people who use them mages.

With every good thing that comes out of something, there is also the bad. With mages, knowledge is everything and the more you know, the more powerful you become. These mages decided to open a portal to another world and that world is Corvus, though they didn't know that at the moment.

Ten mages gather together; the most powerful of all the mages that existed in that world. They meet at the top of the highest mountain and convene. They manipulated the energies of the universe and split them open, revealing Corvus in its magicless, and peaceful glory.

Though the attempt was successful, the bindings unwound even further and the barrier between Corvus and that world slowly start to disappear. The wonderful creatures and dangerous monsters were sucked into Corvus. All of the mages were transported to Corvus along with the rest.

One world bled into the other and that world disappeared and only Corvus is left behind.

Wars and Foundings of Nations

The after effects of the disintegration of the other world and the world of Corvus getting more dangerous, the ten mages fought amongst each other. The ten mages split into four groups and attempted to negotiate in four different regions. Alas, where ever they went, they faced hostility and distrust.

The first of the four groups waged war with the inhabitants of the North. The second moved west and are helped by the inhabitants there. They survived the winter and lived among the people peacefully. The third group went south and like the second, lived among the people peacefully. The fourth waged war with the east after facing hostility.

Though the mages who waged war had magic on their side, the inhabitants won through sheer will and strategy. The first group fell to the Northerners and the fourth fell to the easterners. The North became Ignis, the West became Tenebris, the South became Autem and the East became Hydra. For the first four hundred years, non-magic wielders ruled and oppressed the magic users.

Ignis focused on their militaristic prowess, Tenebris focused on the advancement of their agriculture, Autem focused on their political relations with the other three nations. As for Hydra, they focused on technological advancement and industrial investments.

Non-Magical Rule & Magical Population

The non-magical ruled for four hundred years with an iron hand. They oppressed and take away the rights of the magic users and created shackles, bracelets, and necklaces that block their ability to wield magic. Though during that time the magic users were oppressed, Ignis encouraged the non-magical to have children with the mages. Why? So they could produce more mages to add to their ever growing army.

Which each passing generation, the population of magic users increases and those with no magical ability grow restless.

One hundred years later, oppression on the mages continued and the severity increased to a horrid level. At this point, the population of mages to the non-magical is a ratio of 3:1. The mages decided enough was enough and the oppression that happened in the four nations ends now.

The spouses of the mages secretly disabled the items that block their magical abilities and the rebellion and overthrowing of the non-magical governments began.

A Magical Revolution

That night, mages set the cities and towns ablaze in their thirst for vengeance. The citizens panicked, the leaders fear for their lives and the nations were thrown into a frenzy of chaos. Ignis put up a fight, Tenebris surrendered, Autem was almost burned to the ground and Hydra had their factories destroyed.

The next morning, the situation died down and there was a meeting between the mages and the non-magical. The leaders of the four nations agreed to expand the rights of the mages, though those were nothing but empty words.

Two hundred years later, the mages were still poverty-stricken and oppressed. Procedures to make sure their magic was blocked became worse.

After much debate among the magical community, in secret, of course, ten powerful mages, descendants of the original ten mages who destroyed the barrier separating two worlds, decided it was time to take action again. This time, they won't negotiate and they will take over the four nations.

Fast forward to after the rebellion, the ten had killed the non-magical leaders and the remaining non-magical government officials and united the four nations under the rule of the Council of Ten. From that day forward, the roles of the magical and the non-magical reversed and those without the ability became the ones discriminated against.

The Council of Ten, Modern Day Nations and The Six Continents

The Council of Ten acts as the government of Ignis, Autem, Tenebris and Hydra. Each of the nation under the Council of Ten has their own government but all answer to the Council.

Each Council member is chosen by their level of proficiency in magic or if they are a descendant of the original ten mages. The mages chosen has the liberty to reject their calling and then the spot will be filled by the second choices.

As for the Nations, Ignis still thrive as a militaristic nation, though their military forces have dwindled over the years. Autem became a tourist attraction and contain a plethora of historical sites. Tenebris remains true to how they started out, an agricultural beacon and experts on plants for medicinal uses. As for Hydra, they have many technological advancements and continue to focus on their industrial investments.

How about the Continent itself? As the years passed, Hydra developed airships and advanced warships to explore the seas. After many expeditions, they have discovered five additional continents, each with their own inhabitants, nations, and names as well as magical abilities which seemed to have stemmed from the amount of magical creatures that migrated from The Continent to the Far South, East, West, and North. These continents are called, Káfsi, Cheimónas, Krýo, Dufroid, and Brise.

How about the academies that sprang up because of the sheer amount of mages? Well, that'll be in another post.


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