[World of Corvus] Magic, Academies and the CCE

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[World of Corvus] Magic, Academies and the CCE

Post by Satanael on Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:59 pm

World of Corvus

So, what does the Continent do with their magic-wielding youth? Send them to a school of course! At the age of six, they are sent to a basic level school in their local community. They'll spend eight years at that basic level school after that, they can send in applications to one of the four academies on The Continent.

Aside from that, every magic user is required to register with the Government by the age of 20. If a magic user is not registered after they turn 20, they are considered a rogue and will be apprehended by the CCE. For a magic user to attend an advanced academy such as Ignis' Knights' Academy, the user would have to be registered with the government and have a certificate issued saying so.

For role play regulation reasons, admins do require potential role players to actually fill out a form that would be similar to how the Continent Registration Form would be. At the very bottom of the form, there will be a section entitled 'Notes' where role players can say whether their character is registered in-world or not.

Why would someone want their character to be unregistered? It would provide more role play scenarios from a character who is evading the government and to foreign exchange students from another continent. The possibilities are endless BUT, one would have to run it by an admin for approval first.

Magic & Magic Rankings

Magic is the ability to manipulate the energy of the universe and bend it to your will. Despite how freeform it sounds, each mage has to commit to one way to use their magic. A mage may start out using elemental magic but end up committing to fire magic. This means invisibility, enhanced strength and anything that could defy the universe but within reason. A magic user can manifest their magic into two abilities and those in the fifth rank can have up to three.

Every magic user is put in one of five rankings. One being the weakest and five being the strongest and the rarest. The magic users who are put into the fifth rank are usually potential Council members or current Council position holders. Of course, with every passing year, new ways to manifest magic appears and the rankings aren't adjusted to it.

For example, those who choose to manifest their magic by using their magic to manipulate the properties of their weapons will be ranked One.

Ranks are determined by proficiency, the amount of magic one can use at a time, and the type of magic. Like the last example, weapon property manipulation is a fairly new type of magic in Corvus, that being said, the ranking system hasn't been changed to accommodate that. There are flaws in the system and Corvus won't be fixing it anytime soon. For a list of types of magic, please visit this wiki page and scroll down to where it is titled 'Types of Magic'. Please do note that 'sex magic' under the 'Types of Magic' list is prohibited.


After the age of fourteen, after they have completed the basic level school, they have the option to send in applications for one of four academies listed below.

Ignis has the Knights Academy, ideal for those who want military positions after graduation. Like it sounds, not only does the Knights Academy cultivate magical abilities but also train and push their students' physical limits.

Autem has the Autem National Magic Academy, or, Anma for short. Though this school isn't that special, it is known for cultivating powerful diplomats and intelligence officers.

Tenebris has Ravensworth Academy and is ideal for those who want to learn to wield their magical energy for medicine. Though medicine is Ravensworth Academy's main focus, Ravensworth is also known to cultivate students with a cunning mind that make great military strategists.

Then there is Hydra and their Valewood Academy. Like Anma, there is no special trait that differentiates this school from the ones on the other continents but this school is known for hosting at least three potential Council members every year and greatly contribute to the CCE. Therefore, entrance and classes are much harder than those of Anma and Knights Academy but pales in comparison to Ravensworth.

General School System

Each of the four academies run on a seven-year program. Each year has five classes, the fifth class reserved for the fifth rank and being, mostly, empty. This is the reality with the exception of the Knights' Academy who has five classes with ranks mixed to ensure that each class, or as they call it, 'platoons', balanced.

Though four of the schools' classes are very much the same, each school prioritize certain classes or aspects of power. Knights' Academy prioritizes combat/aggressive magic and physical strength, just in case their magic does not work properly. Ravensworth prioritizes and promotes passive magic and healing magic as well as strategical thinking. Anma prioritizes any type of magic that is associated with the mind. Meaning manipulating, controlling or just plain telekinesis. Hydra is a particularly special case with their prioritization.
Hydra prioritizes defense, combat, and anti-magic classes due to their involvement with the CCE.

This will be elaborated on in another post.

The Law & The Enforcers

With every nation, there are laws and regulations as well as people to enforce them. Under the Council, each nation has to abide by laws that keep both the magic users and the small population of non-magic users safe.

The Council made it illegal to use aggressive and offensive magic in public unless they are in regulated areas where regulated competitions are held. Any magic users under the age of 20 are allowed to use magic outside of their school campus unless under the provision of an individual over 20. Any magic users under the age of 20 must wear bracelets that mute their abilities by 80% when off campus. Like any other country, murder, theft, and all that good stuff are illegal.

With laws, there have to be enforcers and the Council Chosen Enforcers, or, CCE for short. The CCE is mostly made of Knights Academy alumni but has a small population of non-magic users who were trained by the Ignis military. They make use of the material that was used to oppress the mages back during the non- magical's rule. They make cuffs and the buildings out of that material to keep magic users who've committed crime at bay in the holding cells until they go to trial.


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